About Us

Regine Valcin VideoSALON PRIVE is a private, relaxing, intimate and exquisite salon with its main focus on HEALTHY HAIR. SALON PRIVE has been in existence since February 6, 2011. SALON PIRVE was the 2011 recipient of the “Emerging Business of the Year” award from The North Alabama African American Chamber of Commerce. SALON PRIVE is an active member of the North Alabama African American Chamber of Commerce, and also the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce. Perspective clients are always welcomed to schedule a FREE consultation. In every consultation, our clients have the opportunity to discuss their hair issues and needs. No two clients are alike, so here at SALON PRIVE, we are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the needs of every client individually. The licensed professionals at SALON PRIVE strive to service each and every client with the utmost customer service and hair care. Continuing education is critical and essential in staying current with the various trends in hair cutting, color, styling and etc. At SALON PRIVE we the stylists attend various continuing education courses to ensure the best service and customer care to our clients. SALON PRIVE operates by appointments only. We respect and value the time of our clients. To ensure that your visit with us be sweet and pleasant we choose not to double or triple book our clients. Appointments only, ensure that our client will be in and out of the salon in a timely manner. We welcome any and all perspective clients to call or stop by the salon to take a tour and schedule an appointment. Our days of operation are Sunday through Friday. As a Seventh Day Adventist, Regine Valcin (the owner) closes two hours prior to the sunset on Friday and all day Saturday until the sun set. Typically Salons are closed on Sundays and Mondays but SALON PRIVE is a firm believer in Laboring six days and resting on the Sabbath day. Experience a place where hair care is our priority and your time is respected! Private, Relaxing, intimate and Exquisite is not just our motto; it’s our culture!