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Brave - Virginia College



This is a true story about Virginia College graduate Regine Valcin. Regine's Haitian parents encouraged her to dream—and to learn. In addition to speaking English, she also speaks French and Creole. She holds a bachelor's degree in business.

She admires her father for many reasons, but his love for Haiti inspires her. As a civil engineer, his goal is to train construction personnel there so people will have a reliable and comfortable place to live, learn and work.

His passion inspires Regine to dream.

To realize her dream of cutting hair and owning her own hair styling shop, Regine needed solid cosmetology training. She turned to Virginia College.

There, she was "hooked immediately." Because of her religious beliefs, though, she thought her class schedule would be a problem. But the instructors at Virginia College worked with her to develop a schedule that allowed her to balance all aspects of her busy life.

As a Cosmetology student at Virginia College, Regine got practical experience cutting and styling hair at V's Student Cosmetology Services on campus. There, she got real-world practice and learned the importance of inspiring her clients to keep their hair healthy--not just looking good. She was also able to build a client list that would come in handy after graduation.

"Nothing compares to Virginia College...they were structured, organized and caring. The instructors are phenomenal and they treated me very well. They were inspiring and supportive and provided a very detailed education."

After graduating, she went to work at a salon. But her dream to open her own shop persisted. When friends challenged its money-making potential, Regine told them to "do the math."

She had.

Today, she's an award-winning entrepreneur and the owner of Salon Privé. Her clients know her for keeping their appointments flexible and their hair healthy.

Her salon was the recipient of the Emerging Business of the Year award from the local chamber of commerce, of which she is an active member. She also speaks to at-risk youth at local high schools, encouraging them to fulfill their own educational and career dreams.

But her ultimate goal? To bankroll her father's dream to help rebuild Haiti.
Sometimes, success starts when the lessons that change you...help you change the world.

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